Editor’s Playlist – 27 April 2015

It’s been a fairly varied week for us here at Soundscape judging by today’s playlist! Check out what we’ve been listening to below, and as always you can get involved on our last.fm page!

Paradise Lost – No Hope In Sight
Paradise Lost are back and have recently released a lyric video for their song No Hope In Sight! Blending together several different eras of their sound into one succinct song, this is a track that sums up everything that’s great about the band and if their new album The Plague Within is anything like this track, you can bet it will go down an absolute storm.

Nordic Giants – Rapture
I’m absolutely loving the new Nordic Giants album A Séance Of Dark Delusions (you can see my review of it here) and today is the official release date for it! Rapture is the first single taken from the piece and if you like your music big, atmospheric and epic, then you’ll love this.

Dialects – Spectacular Supernovae
Instrumental act Dialects have recently released a video for their excellent track Spectacular Supernovae and it’s one of those tracks you’ll notice something different in on each listen of it. What’s particularly great about this song is the fact it’s a fairly laid-back piece yet it also demands your attention and engages you from start to finish, which is something that instrumental acts occasionally struggle with. Now sit back, hit play and enjoy!

Shining – Fisheye
It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big Shining fan and to coincide with the posting of our interview with Jørgen (see it here) and the news that the band have just signed to Spinefarm, it felt right to include them in this week’s playlist. Fisheye is a personal favourite of mine – the screamed repeated lyrics will be stuck in your head before you know it, and the insane sax solo at the end is truly something to behold. If you like your music to stand out from the crowd, look no further than Shining’s unique blackjazz genre!

All Time Low – Kids In The Dark
This song by All Time Low has been all over the radio recently and the more I’ve heard it, the more it’s grown on me! It’s just one of those impossibly catchy songs that will inevitably end up rattling round your head for days – no matter if you want it there or not – and after a while you’ll definitely be singing along to it, which is a crime I am definitely guilty of!

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