Editor’s Playlist: 13 July 2015


Monday is always a bit of a rubbish day, what with having to go back to work after a weekend off, but fret ye not – we’ve got five picks for you to listen to that will hopefully get your week off to a great start. Check them out below or get involved on our last.fm page!

TrollfesT – Kaptein Kaos
It’s old news that we’re big fans of TrollfesT at Soundscape, but we were very excited to hear the excellent news that they were announced for next year’s Hammerfest – check out the full details right here. If you’re not yet familiar with the band, then the title track from their latest album, and the accompanying video, is a good place to start, and gives a good insight into the craziness that can be witnessed when seeing the band live.

Formicarius – Lake Of The Dead
We recently reviewed the debut single from Formicarius and interviewed the band’s vocalist/guitarist Lord Saunders. Lake Of The Dead is an impressive listen that sounds like a release from a band that has been playing together for years rather than having only formed a few weeks prior. You can read our thoughts on it in more detail and find out more about the band here and make sure you listen below!

Russkaja – Rock’n’Roll Today
There’s no denying that Russkaja is a fun band and Rock’n’Roll Today, which is the lead single from their upcoming album Peace, Love & Russian Roll is a song you won’t want to miss. Fast-paced, energetic and so catchy you can’t help but want to dance to it. Trust me on this.

Cradle Of Filth – Blackest Magick In Practice
Cradle Of Filth are back with their latest album Hammer Of The Witches and although it’s not an album that treads new territory for the band, it’s an excellent and engaging listen that will do well for the band. Just have a listen to this one – there’s something very haunting about the female vocals as the song begins and the half-whispered, half-screamed vocals for the first verse are absolutely stunning.

Leprous – Slave
Leprous recently treated us to a lyric video for their song Slave from their latest effort The Congregation. The clip was created by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media and it’s a great listen that plays on the band’s strengths – it’s a track that you get immersed in from start to finish.

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