Editor’s Playlist – 11 May 2015

This week our playlist is somewhat Incineration Festival-heavy, due to attending the festival in Camden at the weekend (you can see our full review live on the site tomorrow) so this edition of the playlist features our three highlights as well as two other bands we’ve been listening to a lot over the past seven days. Check them out below, or listen to the playlist in full on our last.fm page here.

Impaled Nazarene – Total War, Winter War
This was closing track of Impaled Nazarene’s set at Underworld and to say the show was absolute carnage would be an understatement – there was bodies flying everywhere thanks to an absolutely insane pit and the whole crowd was making noise, pumping their fists in the air and screaming along to the song at the tops of their lungs – and you can’t ask for a better atmosphere than that.

Melechesh – Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
Melechesh’s latest album Enki has already been billed by many as one of the best albums of 2015 and at Incineration, they proved that they had a powerful live performance to go with their acclaimed album and it was a stunning show to say the least. If this band is playing a show near you then I implore you to go and see them, as you won’t be disappointed!

Woland – Conquer All
Another fantastic performance at Incineration came from Woland, who started things off at Electric Ballroom. Having been a fan of this band ever since hearing their album Hyperion, I was very excited to finally catch them live and this song was my personal favourite of their set. There was a great amount of energy to the song and it packed even more of a punch live!

Arcturus – The Arcturian Sign
Arcturus recently released their excellent new album Arcturian (you can check out our review of it here) and The Arcturian Sign serves as the opening track. An adventurous and striking number, this is a song that means business and grabs your interest right away, drawing you into the album with its infectious melodies and epic instrumentation. If you haven’t bought this album yet, what are you waiting for?

Glittertind – Ukjend land
Our interview with Glittertind’s bassist Bjørn went live earlier in the week, and since the band’s incredible album Blåne for blåne is now on Spotify, it would be rude not to include them in this week’s playlist and the title track is certainly one of the strongest of the album. There’s this wonderful light and carefree feel to it and features some stunningly emotive vocals throughout, accompanied by some beautiful acoustic instrumentation for good measure.

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