Editor’s Playlist – 09 February 2015

A new week, a new playlist! Here’s what we’ve been listening to a lot during the last seven days. Either get listening below, or check out the playlist on our last.fm page right here.

Kuolemanlaakso – Tuonen tähtivyö
It’s been about a year since I first heard of this incredible Finnish doom act and since this was the first song I heard by them, it only seemed right to pay homage to them by including them in this week’s playlist. Tuonen tähtivyö is a stunning song that highlights one of the band’s strongest points, which is their ability to blend crushing heaviness with beautiful melodies, Something that really works well on this song in particular is the guest female vocals from J.L., which contrast well against the power and body of the band’s lead singer Kotamäki, especially when they sing in unison together – just, wow. If you’re looking for your new favourite band, then look no further – you can pick up their latest album Tulijoutsen from here right now.

The Drowning – The Obsidian Fires
After seeing Welsh doomsters The Drowning live at the Eye Of Solitude gig in Liverpool just over a week ago and being suitably impressed with their performance, it seemed only right to include them in this week’s playlist as I’ve been giving them a fair few listens since picking up their back catalogue. The Obsidian Fires is taken from their latest album, 2011’s Fall Jerusalem Fall (although they are set to release a new album hopefully in the near future) and it’s a rather great gloomy number that has quite an energetic kick to it with some utterly fantastic guitar lines. This is a band you simply have to keep an eye on.

Melechesh – Lost Tribes
Melechesh are currently getting ready to release their brand new album Enki and Lost Tribes is the latest cut to be taken from it in the form of a lyric video. Quite simply, the song kicks ass – it’s black metal, but Melechesh have put their own twist on it and it’s a gripping track from start to finish. The sheer amount of energy behind each member’s performance is magnificent, and if that’s not enough for you then it also features a guest performance from Max Cavalera – so you certainly can’t go wrong there!

North Seasons – Good News
Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I do love a track that can be heavy and soft all at the same time. It’s a hard thing to achieve, but North Season does it amazingly well with Good News. It’s melodic and atmospheric and yet there’s still enough meat in there to pack a punch. The lightest track on their new EP Eyes For The Blind, but by no means any less powerful.

Burweed – Lie
Lie is the brand new music video from Finnish metal act Burweed, who are set to release their debut album Hide on February 20 (check out our thoughts on the album here). It’s a damn catchy song, really playing on the band’s strengths, and it’s a fitting choice for a ‘representative’ of their upcoming album because it does seem to sum up Hide rather well. The harsh vocals atop of the gentler sections really help to make the song stand out from the crowd and the video itself is well-produced too, very artsy and adding a lot to an already great song. Make sure you give this one a watch as well!

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