Editor’s Playlist – 06 April 2015

It’s Easter Monday, so whilst most of you are enjoying your day off before returning to work tomorrow, why not add some music into the mix and get involved with our brand new playlist? It’s got some real gems in it this week – and you can either listen to single tracks below, or listen to it in full over on our last.fm page!

Shining put on an absolutely excellent show in support of Devin Townsend last week, so it went without saying that I had to feature them in this week’s playlist and include one of the strongest songs of the band’s set, HEALTER SKELTER. An awesome song in its own right thanks to the awesome saxophone intro, this time the song also featured various musicians from the tour, including Devin himself, storming the stage with a variety of instruments such as an alto sax, tuba and even a triangle to ‘join in’, much to the amusement of Shining, and it was a sheer joy to have the privilege to witness the madness unfold!

Whorion – Vortex Of The Dead
Okay, it goes without saying that I’m a big fan of the new Whorion album Rise Of The 7th Sector, which is due to be released at the end of the month on April 24 (see our review here), so I had to pay homage to them in this week’s playlist even though none of the new stuff is available for streaming yet. Vortex Of The Dead is from the band’s debut EP Fall Of Atlas and if you like this track, then you’re going to love the new album because Whorion have really upped the ante with it.

MyGrain – Mechanimal Instinct
Last week, MyGrain announced that they were going to be calling it quits, which was sad to say the least because this is a band that has mastered the art of catchy singalong choruses coupled up with powerful heavy verses that will get your head banging. Mechanimal Instinct is taken from the band’s latest – and now final – album Planetary Breathing and it’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for days on end. It’s a shame that such a talented band is going to be splitting, but at least it can be said they went out on a high as Planetary Breathing is a cracking listen.

Lordi – Don’t Let My Mother Know
We recently caught Lordi at The Live Rooms in Chester and one of the highlights of the set was when they played Don’t Let My Mother Know, a B-side from their second single Devil Is A Loser. Lordi is a band that likes to pay homage to their non-album tracks in a live environment and it was an absolute treat to see this included in the night’s events – being performed live gave the song even more of a kick than it already had on CD!

Heidevolk – Vinland
A few weeks back, I raved about the upcoming Heidevolk album Velua whilst also bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t share their track Vinland since the album hadn’t actually been released yet. Well, the band has recently released a lyric video for the track so it was a no-brainer that it had to go into this playlist – now give it a spin and see for yourself how awesome it is!

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