Editor’s Playlist – 02 March 2015

It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for us to share a brand new playlist with you containing some of the tracks we’ve been listening to over the past seven days. Listen below or get involved on last.fm and let us know what you think of the songs this week!

Heidevolk – Winter Woede
We are absolutely LOVING the new Heidevolk album Velua here at Soundscape – but you probably already know this if you’ve read our review of it here! Our favourite track on it is by far To Vinland, but if we shared that with you, we’d get in all sorts of trouble for leaking the album ahead of the release, so for now you’ll have to give the band’s latest video Winter Woede a watch. Taken from the aforementioned Velua, it’s a track that showcases Heidevolk at their finest and more than proves that their new album is not one that should be missed. The vocals have so much life and energy to them, both when performed in a clean and harsh style, and the drums will have you tapping your foot along to them in no time. Quite simply, this is an excellent cut from an excellent album – just wait until you hear the whole thing!

Dysrider – Against Your Hold
Dysrider have recently released their excellent album Bury The Omen and if our review of it isn’t enough to make you want to check it out, maybe their recently released lyric video for Against Your Hold will! With powerful harsh vocals and furiously energetic drums paired up with cello, everything just flows and works magnificently with the cello being used as a lead instrument rather than being synthesised or used as one part of an orchestra. Talk about a way to make an impression.

Thyrien – Tinasormus
If you don’t think this song is a tonne of fun then all I wish to say is that you are completely wrong. Tinasormus is a cover of a song by a Finnish artist called Janne Hurme and to say Thyrien have put their own stamp on it is somewhat of an understatement. Quite honestly, the track is a bit of an adventure from start to finish and there’s this great fun vibe to it from start to finish, from the lively guitars and instrumentation to the powerfully delivered vocals. Now, who do I need to blackmail to get them to play this when I see them on April 24?!

Sylosis – Quiescent
Yeah, I know, we’re kind of late to the Sylosis party since Dormant Heart was actually released at the start of this year, but we only recently covered it on the site – our review of which can be read here. Quiescent is the runaway success of the album; it showcases two sides to the band – one that is capable of writing crushing heaviness, and one that’s emotive and gentle. It starts with smoothly delivered clean and oh-so-emotive vocals atop of a fairly simplistic acoustic guitar line – and then when the halfway mark of the song is reached, the track does a complete 180 and a heavy section kicks in, hitting you like a tonne of bricks. Talk about kickass!

Spider Kitten – Gore Swan I: Of the Land II: Of the Sea III: Of the Sky
Well, since it was St David’s Day yesterday it would be rude to not include at least one Welsh band in this week’s playlist – so how about a great slab of Welsh experimental doom courtesy of the magnificent Spider Kitten? Gore Swan I: Of the Land II: Of the Sea III: Of the Sky is a stunning track that takes you on a bit of a mini adventure as the song progresses. There’s crushing heaviness that will instantly make you want to bang your head in time. There’s softer emotiveness complete with cello that gives the track a bit of a My Dying Bride vibe, which can never be a bad thing. The vocals are so powerful they blow you away each time they kick in. Quite simply, this track has everything, and you need to have it in your life right now.

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