PIGS – Wronger Review

pigs wrongerHeavy rock seasoned noise artists PIGS come at their second album like drunks in public.  Writhing around with groove tinted glasses beckoning an unaccosted audience to spin their heads on to a riotous mezzanine between foxy arpeggios and grinding rhythms.

Flying into a hard hitting and punchy start that could of been dragged at longer Wronger is quick to demote its hungry rumble into a song and dance with blotchy jazz hands.  Sharing the early heaviness of that bastard genre Nu-Metal PIGS are like rock without hip-hop and dance without rap. Which is essentially a good thing but they’re missing something to reflect on.

The aftermath of hedonistic mastering turns this melodious dalliance into a loud and proud flaunting of turning up to a sensible dinner in thongs.  It’s ambitious, but volume doesn’t necessarily build up the energy this album wants to demonstrate.  Given that the polish is flatter than the ocean in a blanket of fog.

The utilization of dance patterns within the overall structure means the rockabilly approach to songwriting clamors bluntly with waning zeal.  Furthering the strident distillation of the initial impact Wronger directly goes from coming in beached on bass to muting its many layers.  Leaving the mix with the same flare of a broken beer chiller that then molests you with the gamut of bottles in the stream.


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