PIG – Swine and Punishment Review

7823881070Following on from the delectable Swine and Punishment tour PIG, the vehicle for driving force The Lord of Lard– Raymond Watts‘, is The Gospel revisited in the Swine and Punishment album. A kitsch compendium of remixes there are some fantastic artists lending their sounds to the album. holistically though they don’t so much change the flavour of the original tracks as just sprinkle more salt.

With Skold, Android Lust, Inertia and London After Midnight just some of the killer line-up Swine and Punishment has pounding it’s pork into shape the limits are endless. Unfortunately that’s not how it turns out.

The diverse cast of artists all seem to be reading from the same page of The Gospel with many remixes manifesting like industrial torture device Skinny Puppy and their early work. The coherence is better suited to an original album and the remixes remain homogenized within the industrial genre where they tend to relax the intensity of the original, or just Addams it up with spooky pastiche.

Now again with the diversity but this time there’s not a lot of choice in track, and maybe it’s testimony to the catchiness of the originals, but the legend of the four verses from The Gospel start to get drilled into your psyche. Nothing is at fault with it but if pork was fish that net could of been cast further for a more exotic boar because these sausages have been using the same spices since evil was invented.

The mediocrity is strong with this one and it’s not very clear if these fetters of The Gospel contain prophecy or predictive text. Either way all of these tracks have been crucified enough for radio friendly fun and as an added bonus the album has hard to come by track Violence to close the feature. Radio friendly Violence.


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