PIG – Prey & Obey Review

PIg_PreyAndObeyWay, way before KMFDM became a student resort for anti-establishment they were genuinely the flagship band for cyberpunk. PIG is a lot like the starship Enterprise in this respect as while KMFDM was the engine for industrial music PIG was like the disc part that detaches, preserving the crew after a major dilemma, or for an easier comparison: KMFDM is George Orwells’ 1984 and PIG is John Carpenters They Live! Detaching dreams of a Totalitarian government from reality, or at least adding a little bit more distortion to the mix.

The newest EP from the Lord of Lard and his devout congregation is the soundtrack to the scene in They Live where Rowdy Roddy Piper scraps with Keith David over the level of UV protection a pair of sunglasses offer. Eventually Pipers’ character persuades David that his mega-fantastic shades are The Best™ and they all live happily ever after except that they’re all outta gum.

Featuring three new tracks that define the direction of the Hogvater with complimentary remixes by Leæther Strip, Z. Marr and long time collaborator En Esch this EP is smart, sharp and super sexy. While lyrically it’s a more concise and sensible spearhead for the Lord of Lard to convey, like a figurehead, the nature of the beast what a ferociously devious beast this is.

Where the hooks, although familiar as an extension of Watts work with KMFDM, will stick to your mind like a good one-liner from an action movie. Prey & Obey is stacked with action but is more than just a one-liner. It’s an expansion of The Gospel and the more recent remix album Swine & Punishment; Prey & Obey is the PIG pamphlet on intelligent design.


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