Phazm – Scornful Of Icons Review

phazm scornful of iconsDid this just open with an incredibly catchy hook!? A hook so catchy that only a catchy hook can break through with? Ginnungagap, the rocking and funky opening track is not indicative of the rest of the album.

Scornful of Icons begins by provoking the listener but the rest of the album diverges into filler content. It shreds well but the initial impact quickly softens into familiar territory. However with soundtrack quality ambience plied through the ole’ horn and given the blackened treatment Phazm make a good entrance, but leave tired and unoriginal.

Scraping the proverbial barrel the intermittent five tracks between the first track and the title track amalgam into a blob of developing sound, each track moving like a protozoan life form trying to specialize its form noticeable only by song name alone. However talented and tricky the passion it tries to exemplify is missing and mediocre and even with a heavy thrash influence these tracks rely on speed more than substance.

Until Scornful Of Icons, the title track that’s confident in its execution. As a conclusion it gives atmosphere to the tried and tested formula, and is the most discordant track on the album. A trve treasvre upon a trove of dull gold. The intensity of the track is wistfully vaporized with beautiful ephemera. It’s intriguing how it’s set within a solid collection of songs.

This is an album that could work better condensed as an EP. Something that leaves us wanting to know more. It instead harbors the question “that’s all you’ve got?” and it’s still a good album. Although it’s not definitive as an album, it lacks character and if the ultimate track is Never To Return, maybe it’s spent it trying to be something that it should have been.


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  1. Yeah well it’s written in words and not in binary form to discuss the aspects that comprise the album.

    I’m a grown up and don’t do homework. While I offer my condolences for his loss I won’t feign reverence for a commercial obituary. The saying ‘drop the dead donkey’ comes to mind.

    Just for the record: I don’t just suck, I also kiss ass.

  2. NEVER TO RETURN was composed after Pierrick’ s father death. The lyrics are being dedicated to his memory and deals with feelings of loss, mourning. SO DO YOUR HOMEWORK before writing reviews… Your review is one of the most stupid I ever read. 7/10 but still complaining, “it’s good, no, it’s bad, but yes it’s good, but not that good… , just good” YOU SUCK BIG TIME dude. MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

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