Petrol Girls – Talk of Violence Review

Petrol Girls Talk of ViolencePetrol Girls sell themselves as a raging feminist post-hardcore band but fucking awesome takes a lot less breath (and type) to say. The south-east London quartet are fresh off their Some Thing EP with their debut album Talk of Violence having lost none of the brash momentum from that release.

It’s very similar to their sophomore EP exacept it’s more. It’s more antagonistic. It’s louder. It’s more brash. It’s more of Petrol Girls and that’s a very good thing as they’re definitely more unique. It’s Some Thing to the power of Talk of Violence. While the math might not be clear it all adds up to an energetic and obnoxious listen that’s more than just the sum of its parts.

While singer and bassist Liepa Kuraite growls melodiously there’s a lot of attention to detail in the mix to absorb where the abrasive vocals obfuscate the technical side of the album with Liepas’ strong personality. It’s not intentional when Liepe screams you fucking listen and behind her is a band tighter than an Aberdonian miser who runs a mutton dealership.

Aggressive, intelligent and realistic Talk of Violence is a clear and articulate manifesto that derails gender assertions. Yet it’s more than a negotiation on gender politics. It’s musically wonderful as well. With riffs that aspire towards happiness the melodies in conjunction with the lyrical content are intrinsically cathartic.

Yet even when approaching a melancholic temperament there’s a spirited impetus that will grab you by the ears. Relentlessly depicting the matters contained in the lyrical context without shame or caution while saying things, reminding us, of the struggles that people face when they’re not part of a target audience.

Of course it’s sugar-coated with funky and danceable hooks and rhythms but this jagged little pillow fight has got a lot riding on it’s political message. With the right tone anything can be persuasive and while the guitar can transcend any language there’s a lot of well meaning behind what’s being said on Talk of Violence.


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