Peter Murphy – Bare-Boned and Sacred Review

Peter_Murphy_BarebonedAndSacredThe legendary Gothfather lets us see beyond the pale with this very unique live album. Featuring songs from throughout Murphys’ musical career, arranged with austerity in mind but with emphasis on layers rich with colour. Bare-Boned and Sacred was recorded in New York during the Stripped tour and lays tracks from Peters’ career at their most evocative.

Familiar songs sung with new and exotic flavours Peter Murphy and company make the most out of using artistic license by adding a more humble depth to songs that, in time, have changed meaning. The new context reinvigorating their original premise and given new moments, new experiences to draw from. The expression throughout the album is refined and like gold leaf to shattered pottery. With the more organic sounds these arrangements resonate more closely to otherworldly pleasures than their studio recorded counterparts.

The acoustic production works wonders on bringing Murphys’ audience closer to the intention of the music and although it’s a live recording the album relays the proximity of a live show perfectly. Conveying the artist and his medium with a clear cut performance. It’s apparent that a lot of consideration went into creating these arrangements and their homeliness echoes through like a creature comfort found far from where the apple fell.


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