Perversity – Infamy Divine Review

perversity infamy divineIf you like death metal and you like your music noisy and in-your-face, you certainly can’t go wrong with this great offering from Perversity, which contains five very strong tracks that really deliver.

There’s exactly the right amount of noise and aggression paired with just a hint of melody (sometimes it can be a little too much to get a wall of noise thrown in your face), so it’s good to see that Perversity have the balance right, and the EP even features a rather marvellous piano solo at the end of Angel Of Prostitution – on the outside, this sounds like it could be extremely out-of-place, but it’s surprising at how well it fits in and it’s a nice juxtaposition to the heaviness that came prior to it.

The highlight of the EP has to be the headbangingly-awesome Incest Of Flesh. Opening with some great hammering drums with a wall of guitars to accompany them, it leads into some stunning bass-work before the vocals kick in, which are like a guttural growl atop of everything else – and it’s incredible. This track has everything and then even more.

Infamy Divine closes with a melodic and stripped-back outro that nicely winds it up, ending the EP on a high. It’s a nice conclusion to a satisfying EP that is a very rewarding and engaging listen. Highly recommended.


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