Peekaboo Primate – Misanthropical Review

peekaboo primate misanthropicalMisanthropical is the second album from Peekaboo Primate and although there’s no question of the band’s uniqueness, at times the release feels a little disorganised and like the band can’t quite make up their mind about what approach to take with their sound.

Misanthropical is sporadic; at times featuring some tremendous moments and ideas, whilst at other times you’ll be winding up scratching your head in response. It’s great that the band has taken some ballsy approaches, with them unafraid to experiment with their sound and try new things, but on the other hand it feels like overload at times.

The prevalent rapping coupled with clean vocals is definitely something that works for the band, as it’s an approach that manages to maintain your interest, however there’s also instances on the album that don’t quite work. One such example is the self-titled track Peekaboo Primate, and it feels a little cringeworthy hearing the band name crop up in the song in a semi-autobiographical sense. Additionally, the instrumentation underneath is a little repetitive so it’s difficult to connect with the song as well.

Misanthropical is a ballsy piece, and for that Peekaboo Primate should be commended. However, it’s definitely a more ‘acquired’ listen and as such, may not be for everyone.


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