Behind The Scenes: Peasant’s King on Give A Little Love

Peasants King

Peasant’s King recently released their new single Give A Little Love. We caught up with guitarist Rhodri for an insight into the song…check it out below!

What’s the story behind Give A Little Love?
Give A Little Love tells the story of a young boy, David as per our album title, at school with a young and immature understanding of what love is or what it means. The lyric follows him around the school yard ‘falling in love’ for the first time, and the confusion that comes with this new feeling.

Can you describe your writing and recording process for the song?
It was at the time that we were writing and recording the whole album, so in many ways it was a very hectic and exciting time for us. Although we love every song on this album, this one had something special. Give A Little Love actually came about when we created the concept for the album – which is based on the life of our singer Danni’s Grandfather. It’s more light-hearted than other songs. The bouncy and youthful vibe of the song reflects when we perform it; it’s a lot of fun for us!

What made you choose this song as a single?
Every song on the album bears its own unique identity, and this song is no exception. It’s fun, it’s full of energy and it got really stuck in our heads throughout the writing and recording process. It might sound stupid but I guess we just had the right feeling with this song. It’s the one we wanted people to hear first.

Would you say it’s representative of your upcoming debut album?
Absolutely! Every song on the record is a step above anything we’ve produced previously and this song has everything that a person needs to hear in order to know what’s coming. It’s got a great energy with plenty of hooks, but it also tells its story clearly. Lyrics and stories are such an important part of the album, so we’ve worked really hard to find that perfect balance between telling a story and producing a song that people won’t be able to stop singing.

And what do you have in the works for the rest of the year?
We’re going to be very busy! We’re delighted to be part of the BBC Horizons 12 and we’ve already had some great opportunities from them. There will be more festivals and shows happening throughout the summer. We’ve also been confirmed to play India’s NH7 Weekender Festival in November, which we are over the moon with. We’ll be playing Delhi, Pune and Bangalore, and apparently NH7 is the Indian Glastobury! Lastly, we’ll also be working hard to get everything in place so that we can drop this album with a bang. We really want it to make an impact!

9th Aug – Northbound Festival, Cockermouth (UK)
6th Sep – Festival No. 6, Portmeirion (Wales)
7th Nov – SWN, venue TBC, Cardiff (UK)
27th Nov- NH7 Weekender, Delhi (IN)
4th Dec – NH7 Weekender, Pune (IN)
5th Dec – NH7 Weekender, Bengalaru (IN)

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