Pavilions – The Future’s Mine To Make Review

Pavilions The Future's Mine To MakeThe Future’s Mine To Make is the debut full-length release from the post-hardcore five-piece Pavilions and it’s a well-polished offering that is memorable for all the right reasons. Succinct, to-the-point and most importantly, catchy as hell – if there’s any justice then this album should garner the attention that Pavilions truly deserves.

There isn’t really a single track on the album that stands out as being bad or out-of-place, and it’s a whirlwind of energy, melody and aggression squeezed into ten tracks. Opener Tidal is a particularly strong way to get things underway, beginning with memorable vocals you’ll soon find yourself singing along to, and it’s one of those songs that worms your way into your head before you know what’s hit you. Another high point is Movement, a massive-sounding number with intricate little sections and yet more vocal lines you can’t help but want to sing along to!

A particularly strong point of Pavilion’s sound is by far the harsh vocals, however. Quite often, a whole album of super-clean vocals can become a little grating, so the harsh vocals work perfectly at dividing tracks up and mixing things up, thus keeping things interesting, and as they’re used sparingly it means the band don’t fall into a loop of harsh-clean-harsh-clean – which is a format that’s become dull and unoriginal over time.

The Future’s Mine To Make also plays host to two special guests – Charlie Bass of Violets and Jonny Craig of Slaves, who both add their own impressive twist to the songs they contribute vocals to. Charlie adds a lot of power and aggression to Moron Mountain and Jonny adds soul and passion to The Wave – both tracks are arguably some of the strongest tracks of the release.

An all-round excellent album. If you haven’t checked out this band yet, then what on earth are you waiting for?


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