Pat Campo – Clouds In My Head Review

pat campo clouds in my headDevious, dark, catchy, these might be some of the words you find attached to the very interesting and talented Pat Campo. With his new electronica meets Synthpop meets something else entirely sound, he is set to create serious waves with his new album titled Clouds In My Head. Not surprising, Campo is yet another great artist coming from L.A, and true to what they are currently giving us, Pat Campo keeps the creative force heading in the right direction.

Opening with Something’s Peeking, this is a track that takes its cue from the 80’s, but doesn’t stay stuck in that place. With a catchy and steady beat, a rock style added to an electronica backdrop and vocals that are smooth as hell, this is a great wat to be introduced to what Pat Campo has to offer. Unlike many tracks that just show up and leave, what Something’s Peeking is offering is also lyrical depth as well, and because of this, this track is the real musical deal.

Something’s Peeking is a tough act to follow, and to be honest I didn’t give the second track titled Self Destruction a real chance before passing it off, but upon listening further, the song starts to truly shine. One thing Pat Campo has is a skill for a catchy vocal line, and a pleasant voice to pull it off. The song is grittier than I think it needs to be given the type of song it is trying to be, but all in all it is still worth your time, and for me, a second play through.

The current hot single being promoted is titled Without Me, a song that is all the words mentioned before, devious, dark, catchy, and a great choice for a single. Seeing the current buzz surrounding this artist is confirmation that this was the right song to offer the public. For some less experienced music listeners, the background synth effects might be a bit jarring, but for most listeners I would expect this to be a well received creative decision. From the start to finish there is no denying that Without Me is catchy and doesn’t drop the ball once.

Clouds In My Head has a lot going for it, it is both radio friendly in many ways, and artistically challenging in others. The album offers an interesting spin on some older genres, and it is very aware of itself. Pat Campo deserves the hype he is currently experiencing, and if you are looking for your next favorite album, here it is.

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