Parkway Drive – Cardiff Great Hall, 11/04/17

This may be one of the hottest gigs of the month and we mean that in more than one way. As the temperature soars throughout the evening so do the bands.

Kicking off this packed venue tonight are American-hardcore-rockers Stick To Your Guns who manage to rouse the crowd from the get go and start the beginnings of a tastefully chaotic night. They play hard and true to the end of a short but positive set.

Asking Alexandria come on one by one to a peachy reception and carry on from where STYG left off. Many rejoice in the return of Danny but as he moseys around the stage looking like an out of place grandad looking for the toilet you do start to ponder on his reasons to return, but alas, before you can get deep in though his voice shakes the venues walls and appear incredibly more flexible than ever before. No doubt his recent side project has strengthen his range which towers over the rest of bands antics. The end sees a quick vanish for Danny as the rest of the band stay to kindly throw out freebies to the crowd.

Cardiff may be one of the smallest venues on Parkway Drive’s tour, and as per usual, we lose out on the nifty set pieces. A rotating drum kit and pyro go amiss tonight but with a weighty band like Parkway anyway, it’s not to be missed as they spend every playing relentlessly, blowing the roof off the great hall with their meaty riffs.

Crowd surfers continue to flood over the barrier, pits come and go in waves only to descend into mania by the end of the set. Watching the show from the balcony is a beautiful sight to behold, to witness such force from a band who continue to push and grow, and a crowd whose affection doesn’t go amiss.

Part of the night sees Parkway break out a remarkable cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls On Parade. Parkway are a band that could easily entertain arenas and we hope they get their chance soon enough.

From the young to old in the pit, on the balcony, stuck to the barrier, everyone leaves a sweaty sweaty sweet mess.


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