Paradise Lost – Medusa Review

It’s always good to hear new music from Paradise Lost, a band that has been a firm favourite of mine for a fair few years now, and their latest effort Medusa is another strong release from this band – honestly, it feels like they can do no wrong!

Medusa is a powerful piece of work with a tremendous crushing heaviness to it paired with a good amount of melody for good measure. The balance is good, with neither element feeling overwhelming, and subsequently makes for a well-rounded listen that you’ll certainly want to keep coming back to.

Opening track Fearless Sky gets the album off to an excellent start and the chorus is simple but effective – a crushing wall of sound with a subtantial clean vocal line that will surely get stuck in your head. It really leaves an impression on you, which is definitely a great way to get things off to a running start. More great tracks on the album include From The Gallows (which features a mighty guitar solo) and title track Medusa is excellent – there’s a wonderful heavy doominess to it that feels akin to some of the band’s earlier material, which will definitely appeal to their old-school fans.

In short, Medusa is a top-notch album from Paradise Lost, who have delivered once again. A stunning listen that showcases the band on top of their game, once again!


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