Parachute For Gordo – Possibility Of Not Review

parachute for gordo possibility of notIt’s always a pleasure to listen to well-constructed experimental music and a band that is doing a lot of things right in the experimental/post-rock genre is the stunning three-piece Parachute For Gordo, who are gearing up to release their third album Possibility Of Not.

Something that makes this a particularly intriguing release is the fact that each of the six tracks are accompanied with visuals, which come together to form a feature-length short film, and although my review copy of the album just contained the actual songs, I can imagine that the accompanying visuals complement the music beautifully, because the music on its own already paints such a colourful and interesting picture.

There’s a lot of variety in the six tracks, yet none of them stand out as being ‘out of place’ or not quite fitting in – which is definitely testament to great songwriting. There’s more ambient and stripped-back moments, such as in opener Jellied Eels and later track Wallet Moth (a track whose title I massively connect with!), but there’s also in-your-face heavier moments, such as in fifth track Cornholio Slaps The Goose, which features a rare vocal line in it as well.

Possibility Of Not is a great album because it keeps you on your toes and constantly leaves you wondering what will happen next, as the piece takes many different twists and turns as it progresses. If you’re into your experimental music, you’ll surely love this.


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