Paper Aeroplanes – Time To Be EP Review

Paper Aeroplanes – Time To Be 


Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn (otherwise known as Paper Aeroplanes) return with their 3rd EP entitled “Time to Be”.

The Time to Be EP contains six tracks of gorgeous emotional folk pop which starts off with the epically beautiful title track, and finishes with a lingering yet thought provoking rendition of classic hymn “In the Bleak Midwinter”.

All the usual Paper Aeroplanes trademarks are on show, from the hauntingly delicate vocals, through to the flowing rhythm of the guitars along with the subtle but effective use of the bass, drums and tambourine.
If you close your eyes whilst listening to these songs it will feel like you are slowly whisked away across a forgotten woodland towards a hidden beach (which to be fair Pembrokeshire is full of)

This release show’s another growth in the maturity of their song writing ability which will appeal to a wide demographic and it is one that gets better the more it is listened to. On the whole “Time to Be” is a good record which shows that Sarah and Richard have the potential to become a credible mainstream act in years to come.

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