Papa Roach – Roundhouse, London 12/03/15

We enter into the iconic Roundhouse in London for the Papa Roach gig and I can’t help but firstly think that this band, despite the dead nu metal scene, has survived and is obviously still kicking! The crowd is a strong mix of old age rockers to youngsters who have clearly just picked up their first guitar but none the less they all pack together ready for the show.

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First on stage are The One Hundred (9/10). Wasting no time at all, front man Jacob pulls the crowd in with strong vocals and a great stage presence. The London accent plays loudest but actually makes for a interesting twist on lineup for tonight with bands from all over the world. This four piece band are far from the normal opener for Papa Roach, showing versatility and enthusiasm and making the many fans change from standing still to mass movement. You can’t deny these guys are changing things up with rap, heavy beats and characteristic songs to suit anyone’s taste. These guys are a sure one to watch out for this year.

Pushing forward, the fans are now getting full of excitement and energy for Papa Roach. You can feel the tension in the air for the preparation period, but for now we have another band. Step in Coldrain (10/10)! Pushing strong vocals and outstanding rhythms forward, this band are far from just another Japanese rock group trying to hit fame, bringing a powerful and dramatic performance. Now the front row is in full swing and jumping, fist pumping along to every song, whilst not far behind a circle of people forms, spinning out of control. Now we are ready for Papa Roach. Leaving the stage, Coldrain have left us ready for more and everyone is waiting for the moment it all starts to happen.

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And then this. Papa Roach (10/10) appear onto stage as the house lights dip into darkness and hit us straight away with the big hits to date. Now the atmosphere has burst into a hurricane, bringing everyone down. Jacoby announces to the crowd they are going to play the entire Infest album tonight and everyone steps up their game. With harsh lighting and masses of stage presence can this get any better?!

The sweat is beading off all the bands members faces and I’m sure Jerry is panting. This band just don’t get old, I can even feel myself reverting back to 12 year old me and my sweat bands drenched in pit sweat listening to Papa Roach.

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Both basisst Tobin and drummer Tony show an also flawless performance, and despite not being able to move around much, still bring a stage presence to die for. The bands performance is pitch perfect throughout the set and you can’t fault one movement or decision they have made.

Heading towards the end of the set now, the band become real and show their emotions towards their fans and near and dear. Allowing close encounters and soft subtle sides. Yet again the Californian band has destroyed us – for now this is end, but by far not for Papa Roach!

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