Papa Roach – Brixton Academy, London 10/12/13

Today for me it’s all about Papa Roach. I catch a bit of the main support act, Middle Class Rut but I can’t really make a fair assessment of them as it’s only couple of songs and what I do hear I’m not massively interested in.

Papa RoachSo on to the main act. Papa Roach are one of the few bands I will go see play regardless of anything else. Every time they hit the UK, I hit up their show and every time I go in expecting energy and a good show. Tonight doesn’t disappoint.

The band are on form, playing as well as to be expected after this many years around block. The sound is a tad off for Brixton tonight, the guitar is too low, or too high we can’t figure out which exactly and Jacoby sounds a bit like he has a cold, but that’s understandable in this damned weird English winter we’re experiencing, everyone is sick.

The thing that impressed me most is that if he was sick he didn’t let that stop him giving it 110% and then some. The whole band play like this is the last night of their tour, but the proper way. They don’t show how tired they are, that they’re looking forward to going home to family and friends, they play like they won’t be back to the UK for a while.

They rock a host of new and old songs and I’m in love all over again with every single song. They get the crowd to mosh and everyone in the room sings all the words back to every song as loud as you can.

It proves that after so many albums and a substantial career Papa Roach not only know how to write a good track, but can still more than entertain live. I just hope they’re back soon because I love seeing a band really make the effort. A thoroughly enjoyable gig.


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