Outrun The Sunlight – Red Bird Review

Red Bird is the third album from instrumental progressive metal outfit Outrun The Sunlight and although it may only be four tracks in duration, it’s a weighty piece and a release that will certainly get under your skin.

Instrumental music is always a bit hit-and-miss, because there’s so many bands out there that rely on vocals as the main driving force and if that section is taken away then they struggle to progress with using just instruments to paint a picture, but Outrun The Sunlight definitely doesn’t fall victim to this problem. There is a lot of colour and body to all four tracks and Red Bird makes for absolutely stunning listening – to the point where it’s impossible to choose but one highlight of the piece because each track is great in its own way.

One especially good thing about Red Bird is that you can really tell the work that has gone into the album. There’s so many awesome little intricacies to the music that you’ll pick something new up on each subsequent listen, and the way each individual element has its own thought-out place is stunning. From the way opening track Red Bird starts the album off slowly with a largely sparse approach (with some thicker moments for good measure!) right through to the soaring and faster-paced soundscapes of closing track Remaining In A Constant State Of Discomfort, Red Bird is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish.

Don’t let this awesome album pass you by – this is something that is well worth your time to check out.


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