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Before Christmas singer we managed to grab Steve of Outcry Collective to answer a few odd ‘n ends.

You guys seem to haven’t of stopped touring, are you planning to have a break or to keep pushing yourselves?
We’ve just been talking about which tours we’re going on and such. It looks like we might have January off so I think we’ll probably write some new material. The guys have got about four / five new instrumentals and one of them I’ve sort of started working on.

How’s the GFJD tour been? Any memorable moments?
Yeah! Something happened last night but it’s just one of those what happens on tour stays on tour thing. It’s been great, a really good tour actually. I think this might be one of my favourite tours we’ve done. Both bands are amazing, Blakfish and Gay For Johnny Depp, just love the guys.

I really enjoyed Newcastle, that was great and I really enjoyed the first night at Plymouth, that was a lot of fun. There’s been loads… It’s more just looking at Gay For Johnny Depp every night. Something crazy happens with them every single night, they’re fucking insane. But last night was great, we all went out got absolutely annihilated. This is the one tour we’re hitting it hard every single night.

What has been your biggest challenge so far as a band?
Keeping it all together, it’s pretty tough. They say 2009 and music is fucked, but we’ve kept it going. We’re a real DIY band and constantly just pushing things forward and have been managing ourselves for the last couple of months now. I’d say just the fact that we’re all at the end of this tour still talking and still friends… That’s my highlight.

Did you have to give up any other life long dreams to pursue a career in a band? Any of you study at uni?
When I was eight I wanted to be Indiana Jones and when I was about nine I wanted to be a film director and when I was about twelve I decided I just wanted to be in a band.

Quite early then?
Oh yeah! I tell you what it was, the first tape I ever got was the Rage Against The Machine album and I remember it really had an impact on me. Then I saw the live video that should have been in ’96 and I was 13 and I remember just seeing all the people and energy and thinking that’s it, that’s what I want to do.

I did film at university so I think i’d get involved with that or maybe writing. I want to go on a beach and just write a book. A horror book!

If you could tour with any band before you die who would it be? Plus Ever thought about playing any of their covers for fun?
We nearly played one the other day. We’ve played a cover once, The Doors ‘Road House Blues’. We used to jam Rage Against The Machine and in practice we’ll play The Strokes. I would say at this point in time Queens of the Stone Age… No, fuck it, Marilyn Manson. I went to a catholic school so when someone gave me Anti Christ Super Star, that was it, I was in love with him.

If you could go back to any era and embody anyone, who would you pick and why?
I would like to of been Jack Nicholson in the Shinning. Yeah i’ll stick with that!

If you you could be in any reality show what would it be?
Tila Tequila’s show. She’s like a myspace celebrity covered in tattoos. It was like twenty guys and twenty girls. They all move into a house and have to fight for her attention by doing little games and stuff, and they all get really into it. It’s like big brother and they flip out at each other. Then at the end she picked a girl and the girl was like ‘I don’t really think i’m a lesbian’, it was just awkward. It was random. But I would like to be in that or something which I don’t care about. Something I can’t physically watch. I cant physically watch X-Factor or any of that.

Lastly, favourite song to write & play live?
I think I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘Home County Killer’ because it just came really natural. Sometimes it can take a while and doesn’t come quickly, but that one everything just came together. It’s a bit of a change of pace because it’s sludgy, grimy and feels great to play.

You can catch Outcry Collective supporting The Computers – March 25th at Clwb Ifor Bach.

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