Our Nameless Boy – A Chorus Shy Review

Our Nameless Boy A Chorus ShyA Chorus Shy is the forthcoming EP from Bristolian fourpiece Our Nameless Boy and whilst a good listen, at times it does feel a little uninspiring which is perhaps down to the somewhat slow start of the offering.

Opening King is a slow-paced and fairly simplistic track that doesn’t really manage to grab your interest and it’s a bit like Our Nameless Boy are dragging their heels a bit with the song. There’s just nothing tremenously interesting or gripping about King and it’s a shame because it results in a weak start to the EP.

However, things do pick up somewhat with following track Won. There’s a bit more ‘oomph’ to the song thanks to the chunkier-sounding instrumentation and although it does have a lacklustre introduction, when it gets going it soon becomes more of a formidible listen before it progresses into We Are Ghosts In This, which is definitely the strongest track of the EP. There’s a bit more noise and complexity to this song and features some harsh vocals which really lend themselves well to the track, adding a whole lot of energy and momentum to the lively track. It really feels like Our Nameless Boy are giving it their all, in order for the EP to go out with a bang and it’s paid off because this is most definitely a track that will be stuck in your head long after you finish listening.

Although not without its flaws, for what it is A Chorus Shy is a fairly decent listen and shows a lot of potential – Our Nameless Boy could well become a band to watch out for in the coming months.


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