Ossicles – Music For Wastelands Review

ossicles music for wastelandsIt’s almost difficult to know what to say about Music For Wastelands, the new album from Ossicles, because it is such a stunning release that it just takes your breath away.

At fourteen tracks in duration, it is a bit of a lengthy piece, but whilst this can often work against a band, this certainly isn’t the case with Ossicles. Each track has its own unique identity, yet the flow of the album is perfect as each track seamlessly links into the next – a lot of thought has gone into the track ordering with each song complementing one another fantastically.

A particularly good element of the music is the use of saxophone. The instrument is only used sparingly but to great effect and really gives the release a more unique feel. It is especially good in one of the final tracks Pandemonium, which really does feel like pandemonium in certain moments where the saxophone is doing one thing and the guitars/drums are doing something completely different! It’s one of those songs that feels fresh on every listen as you’ll notice a new element every time you hear the track.

As a whole, this is a refreshing andĀ engaging listen. Ossicles have outdone themselves with this album and if you’re looking for a prog album with a lot of variety and uniqueness, then look no further thanĀ Music For Wastelands.


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