Oslo Ess – Alle Hjerter Deler Seg Review

Oslo Ess Alle Hjerter Deler Seg_ Frontcover 360x360Sometimes you just want to listen to music that will make you feel happy and you can’t go wrong with Alle Hjerter Deler Seg, the third studio album by Norway’s Oslo Ess. On my very first listen, I instantly described this band as the happiest punk band ever and it’s a sentiment I firmly stand by.

Quite simply, it’s ten tracks of feel-good music that’s filled with good vibes and a tremendous cheeriness. It really sounds like the band have put their heart and soul into this album and it’s a wonderfully easy listen, nice and chilled but with a vastly energetic edge to it.

A particular highlight is the wildly catchy and fast-paced Himmel og Helvete, with the drums hammering away at a rate of knots and clocking in at just over 2 minutes in length, it’s the shortest song of the album by far. It seems like a song made for dancing and moving about to, along with other tracks such as Det Brenner Under Beina Mine and Brenn Byen Ned.

An overall enjoying and refreshing album – I’ll certainly be listening to this for a long time to come.


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