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Orkan LivlausOrkan is a black metal band hailing from Norway but before you write them off as being simply another band amidst a sea of similar-sounding peers, just take a listen to their latest opus, Livlaus.

It starts off in a fairly standard manner, with Orkan taking a safe approach with opener Fanden på veggen, but things take a turn for the interesting with second track Brende bruer svart metall. The track is a really striking piece that grabs your attention as soon as the introduction kicks in, and has a tremendous amount of energy and momentum to it. It has a bit of a punky edge to it, which mixes things up a tad, and shows that Orkan is a band with more than one string to their bow.

Things continue well from there, with three-parter title track sitting well in the middle of the album, dividing it up nicely. Each of the three parts has its own distinct identity; the first part has a somewhat doomy/sludgy feel at times, the second is a faster-paced inclusion and the third and final part is in more of a ‘traditional’ black metal style.

As Livlaus comes to a close with final track Skodde, it’s clear that Orkan have really worked hard at making a release that will stick in your mind for all the right reasons. It is fresh and individual – and a very rewarding listen. Livlaus is an album you definitely do not want to miss.


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