Orianthi – Heaven In This Hell Review

Orianthi┬áPanagaris is perhaps best known for being Michael Jacksons guitarist for what was meant to be the ‘This Is It’ concerts and she is also Alice Coopers touring guitarist but I really hope that will all change with the release of this, her third solo album ‘Heaven In This Hell’.

As well as being a world renowned virtuoso guitarist, Ori also is a singer/songwriter, having had top ten hits in Japan and Australia with her last album ‘Believe’ I feel this album is the one to break her Worldwide.

The record really expands on the themes of her first 2 albums and is a perfect mix of pop rock belters, blues numbers and ballads.

Songs like ‘If U Think U Know Me’ are perfect pop rock songs, massive chorus, uplifting lyrics and an incredible guitar solo, this is my favourite song on the album right now.

First single ‘Frozen’ is a huge sounding, groove, riff rock monster with a killer chorus.

There are many guitar styles and sounds on offer here and Orianthi pulls them all off easily, her blues playing is especially impressive, ‘How Do You Sleep’ is a perfect example if this.

It isn’t all about the guitar playing, Orianthi is also a great singer, handling both the blues tracks and more poppier songs with style.

Each of the 12 songs here are great, there is no filler whatsoever. ‘How Does That Feel’ and ‘If U Were Here With Me’ are perfect slow numbers, with ace vocals and solos.

The album was produced and co-written for the most part with Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics fame and sounds flawless, you can feel the different production techniques and sounds on the different style songs and it really works.

I’ve been an fan of Orianthi’s for quite some time and this album is everything I’d hoped for and I really hope it blows up and we see some solo tours this year.


Orianthi: Website|Twitter

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  1. Hey Karen,

    I have now corrected the link for the correct one.

    Thanks for letting us know and for your kind words.


  2. Hey oiranthi it’s lindsay u auwsome . I saw your vedio last night on you tube its was ausome you like u had a lot fun . Keep up the great work . And also I would like to say the you new heven in this hell cd that is auwsome too. Piz get back to me

  3. Hey Paul- thank you for a brilliant review of Orianthi’s new album. Her official website has recently changed, since her previous site was hacked. Can you please change the link to http://www.OrianthiMusic.com where fans can get the most up-to-date information. You can verify this is her official site by going to Orianthi’s official Facebook page and looking in the top left corner where she has this website link posted. Please email me (I’m her publicist) with any questions or if you need more information. Cheers- KW

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