Orden Ogan – Gunmen Review

odenogan-cover1Gunmen is the latest effort from Orden Ogan, and in true Orden Ogan fashion, it is all a bit cheesy, ridiculous and over the top – and of course it’s a lot of fun as a result!

Orden Ogan know how to make an impact with their music, and Gunmen features many massive-sounding tracks with impactful vocals and powerful instrumentation. Opening track Gunman is a mighty opening with epic synths and a chorus so massive that it could easily fill a stadium, and it’s just a song that will get stuck in your head! Another early highlight is the punchy Forlorn And Forsaken, which features some awesome guitarwork and sounds almost like a shout back to some of their earlier material as there’s a definite Vale vibe to it!

Another fantastic inclusion is Down Here (Wanted: Dead Or Alive), which is a fast-paced and energetic piece that really keeps the album moving, and simultaneously comes across as a song that will be an absolute treat to witness in a live environment – I can already hear people singing along to the chorus, and moving about in time to the fast-paced tempo!

Gunmen may not be the most technical or demanding listen, but it’s good fun and is definitely a listen worthy of your time.


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