Orbseven – Cosmos Out Of Chaos Review

With the fourth album from southern trend killer Orbseven Zeven, the man behind the music, has almost perfected what it means to make a labor of love. Although the intention is to make music that utilizes the intensity of death metal with an oblique reference to black metal it’s apparent throughout the album that this isn’t a growl by numbers but a true representation of catharsis.

Harking back to the lo-fi garden shed production of yore this five track fifty minute album has the haywire white noise down to the root note. Which gives the mix an air of modesty. In turn increasing the depth of the riffs with a simple modulating ambiance. Purists might bemoan the use of effects so brazenly abused unto the guitar parts, but ninnies are going to nin regardless. What is apparent however is that Zeven considers composition over raping the fret board.

Unpretentious black metal (including the inverse snobbery of DSBM) in this day and age is about as rare as finding a vegan with a leather kink. Cosmos Out Of Chaos, the title of the latest album, follows the tradition of naming songs to sound like they’ve been translated by a scholar of Grecian mythos into passages with anarchic syntax. However this is just thematic to the albums’ subject matter.

The music of Cosmos Out Of Chaos is an unadulterated abyss of shadows during twilight. Forming a coherent narrative that’s tightly arranged. It flows more like an organic river than a silo of oily riffs. Moreover its reflections of black metal and the original Gothenburg death metal scene interpolate with a very strong identity. While the album might not be the sum of all that’s dark and unholy it doesn’t need an orchestra to emphasize its dank cabaret.


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