One Man Boycott – Counting The Seconds Review

one man boycott counting the secondsThey sound like all your favourite pop punk artists from the states where this sound is so popular and done so well and yet, they’re British. Yes, One Man Boycott are from Bristol. It’s definitely something different in this genre and the fact that their album touches on so many themes, including that of their home, means you’re definitely going to get something different with this.

Produced by Romesh Dodangoda; who is rapidly becoming the go-to guy in the UK if you want the sound of sunshine and summer trapped within 40-50 glorious minutes of bounce and One Man Boycott is exactly that.

The opening track of the album is titled Sunshine Pizza Friends which I feel sums up the entire vibe of the whole pop punk genre in three very simple words. The band’s single Sick of It All has a general theme of feeling less than you are due to the opinions of others, but it’s also about fighting back against this. It’s a general uplifting and powerful track. If I Survive is an acoustic track in which you can hear the beautiful sound of the guitar strings being slid along. It’s a sound that’s often eliminated from tracks by most bands, but I like that it’s left in. It gives a raw vibe to the track with just the sound of that guitar and echoing vocals and it’s a beautiful stand out on the album.

The album rocks through 10 tracks that very much follow what you’d expect of a pop punk album. It covers many different topics and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s a very welcome sound from a UK based band who have covered the US pop punk vibe perfectly.


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