One Eyed Doll – Witches Review

one eyed doll witchesGoth Punk duo Kimberly Freeman and Junior are fearlessly playing with magic, and as more raucous than clay couscous One Eyed Doll have crafted a most tragic beauty in their latest album Witches, succeeding their previous six albums with non-chalant grace.

As the first track Ember jolts into action the heavy atmosphere moves closer and closer, harder and heavier unreservedly contorting in to Kimberlys’ dulcet wails. Thus spelling an almanac most terrible for a tale most foul., cleverly told through the perspicacious singing of Kimberly.

It could be said that there is no album complete without earnest cackling as the backmask is instantaneously laid to rest. If you believe that then you are in for a supernatural treat because Witches is a fantastic spooky delight. Approaching the leitmotif like a classy horror story Halloweentown will be a happening place this Easter as The Ostara Bunny will want to join in channeling two pointed front teeth called awe and some.

The songs themselves build up a chilling and harsh atmosphere. The alluring Witch Hunt aria and the events after changes the tone but not the insatiable timbre. With the closing track The Ghosts of Gallows Hill, a beautiful conclusion, Witches comes to a close hanging on the pale frequencies of lofty frosty synths.

Junior’s production is meticulous. Kimberly’s guitar work is enthralling. Witches is a compositional masterpiece. One Eyed Doll inspire some awe, and are awesome. Throughout the experience you will feel haunted.


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