OMV – Loyalty & Honour Review

OMV loyaltyIt’s always good when you come across an album that grabs your interest from the get-go and a release that does just this is Loyalty & Honour by OMV.

Kicking off with a great rumbling wall of guitars atop of relentlessly hammering drums, there’s this wonderfully chunky tone to their sound which piques your interest even before the more technical guitar line and powerful vocals kick in – what a way to get things going!

Things progress strongly from there and an incredibly strong track is Hang The Fuckin Judas, full of groove-filled guitar lines and a track that is simply begging for you to bang your head along to. It’s just mindlessly catchy and a song you’ll find yourself listening to on repeat before you can stop yourself!

Loyalty & Honour closes with Honey From The Razors Edge which is more of a slow-burner but no less memorable, and it makes for a somewhat epic and triumphant end to it all. Very good stuff, and an album very much deserving of your attention if you haven’t already checked it out.


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