Oh Captive – Two Mirrors Review

Oh Captive Two MirrorsWhere do I start with this beauty? I’m being incredibly spoilt with amazing music at the moment and Oh Captive seem to be some sort of cherry on top of a very full cake.

The EP kicks off with Recover and by the time the track is over that’s exactly what I’ll need to do. It’s got a catchy as hell riff, simple but beautiful. The chorus is one of those that you just bounce along to and you’re pretty sure to have the lyrics locked down in no time.

Motion has a breakdown to mosh to and it will make you do just that. It’s thrown into a track with a hell of catchiness and beyond already.

Live Fast Don’t Last sounds like it’s a track written all about the end of the band. A great insight into how these things happen, but at the same time a sad realisation that this was just too much in the end and it was still only early days for the young band.

The short 4 track EP ends with the title tracks, Two Mirrors. You’d be a fool to expect anything other than a catchy hum-dinger of a track that will bring the sun out and make you smile. Oh and dance… definitely some dancing going on with this track.

The whole EP is short but it’s oh so sweet. A fantastic release that showcased a whole bunch of potential. Sadly the band have already called it quits and it’s one of those gems of what could have been. Get this EP because you can too at least feel, “what this band might have become…” along with me and of course have a good bit of a mosh/dance/proper good sing-a-long whilst you’re al it.


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