Of Mice and Men – Restoring Force Review

Of Mice and Men - Restoring ForcePublic Service Announcment, opens the record and it’s a track dominated by Austin (screamo vocalist). It’s a fast paced song with some impressive screams, killer drum beat and an awesome main riff. The drums in the song stand out as the snare is used a lot. The lyrics are harsh, it’s a “haters suck” kind of song. Austin is however overpowered a bit by some of the instruments and he gets a bit lost in the at some points.

Would You Still Be There has Alan (vocalist) having a much larger role with a huge chorus and head bang inducing instrumental. The track has very impressive drum beats throughout that really shows off Valentino’s (drummer) skills. The song will make you headband where ever, be it on the train or watching them play.

Another You is a slower song on the album and it shows of Alan’s vocal range with some length notes and complex melodies. The chorus is fairly fast paced compared to the verses and the drums have a Hip Hop influence with lots of high hat, snare and bass drum. The song has a nice bridge that will lead into the eruption of mosh pits and crowd inducing chants.

Opening with a heavily distorted guitar riff, You’re Not Alone, drops into an instrumental that’ll make you jump on the spot and tap your foot. Another huge chorus you’ll sing along to. It’s got a typical metal core lay out, screams for verses and clean vocals for the chorus. The drums in the song really shine with some impressive cymbal and double bass work.

Overall the album is instrumentally a tad repetitive but the band have the sound mastered. The pounding drums, earth shattering bass, righteous riffs, versatile vocals and superb screams really put this album above their previous work.


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