Of Allies – Tempers EP Review

Of Allies - Tempers EPEP’s are the length of choice for records this summer it seems and here is another 5 tracks of delight, this time from Of Allies. The band have been together barely a year, but they sound polished on this EP. The band hasn’t quite found “their” sound yet, but they’re certainly rocking anything they do have a go at.

The EP opens with Ghosts. This track really reminds me of Fightstar, which is not a bad thing at all considering we don’t have that band to fill the void at the moment, so nothing wrong with someone else using the same sort of big atmospheric sounds and a lulling voice. It’s also got a killer chorus with a nice meaty guitar riff.

Our Decay is a catchy rocking number with a massive chorus section. It’s drives from melody into a big tune and a huge sing-a-long section. Middle track In Screens is lively and has a big chorus and break down to really drive the track some more.

The penultimate track is In Stasis. It’s much slower, but still just as sonic, with a large scope of sounds and atmosphere. This track reminds me of Incubus in style. The vocals of Rich Nichols are very big and carry well, much like that of Brandon Boyd.

The final track on the album is Play Dead. This track starts off slow with just a simple guitar, before the vocals join the mix. The rest of the instruments finally join in and start building the track together as it heads towards the chorus. It kicks in and it’s a big sound which continues throughout the whole track, only building further all the way towards it’s conclusion.

Of Allies are a fairly new band who are searching for their sound, but they’re certainly doing pretty well at what they’re doing at the moment. A nice little EP which some big sounds.


Of Allies: Website|Facebook

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