Oceanwake – Sunless Review

Oceanwake - Sunless - ArtworkPerfection isn’t a word that should be used lightly, but it can most definitely be applied to Sunless, the latest release from Finnish doomsters Oceanwake.

Sunless is an absolutely sublime offering and although it may only be four tracks in duration, it’s an incredibly meaty and substantial offering, and one that will grip you from start to finish. The storytelling and progression from song to song is something to behold, with Oceanwake really taking their time with it all and making sure the music gets under your skin. The pace is rather slow for the most part, but this works in the band’s favour as you can’t help but get engrossed and involved in the music as you follow it through each twist and turn.

The vocals are a particularly strong point about the piece – the difference between the harsh and clean vocals is stunning and adds a lot to the music. The harsh vocals add extra heaviness to the music whilst the clean vocals add a perfect touch of melody to it all. In fact, the way the vocals move with the music is impressive and more often than not, the vocals are used as an instrument rather than constantly taking a lead role and it shows how together and tight the band is – there’s plenty of times where the vocals take a backseat role and the instrumentation shines through, and it absolutely works.

A highlight of Sunless is the adventurous Parhelion. The big instrumental lines make it all just sound so epic and the clean vocals are smoothly delivered in an almost ethereal fashion, juxtaposing well against both the harsh vocals and the crushing heaviness of the guitars and drums. Absolutely amazing stuff.

If you’re into your doom, or simply want to be absolutely amazed at what you hear, make sure you give Sunless a listen – if this is anything to go by, then big things are surely going to be afoot for Oceanwake.


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