Obliteration – Black Death Horizon Review

After a three-year hiatus, Obliteration are back with their third full-length offering. Seven tracks of death metal recorded in their own DIY studio, this is Black Death Horizon.

As far as death metal goes, this isn’t going to win any originality awards as there’s nothing that makes them quite stand out from the crowd, but it’s still a pretty good release. Goat Skull Crown is a particular highlight and is fantastically paced, with up-tempo noisy moments and slower moments with haunting clean(ish) vocals that blend really well together. The guitar solo is also one of the best on the album, awesomely complex and speedy that shows there’s a lot of talent behind this band.

It’s a shame that the title track is one of the weaker tracks of the release, as generally bands tend to choose one of the better songs to name their albums after, but there’s something off about Black Death Horizon. There’s nothing that quite grabs your interest and, as it just breaks the 8 minute mark, does come across as a little repetitive in parts. It lacks the promise shown in most of the other songs of the album and seems slightly forced at times, as if they’re trying to drag it out and make it last longer.

Black Death Horizon is an album that does what it says on the tin – it’s seven tracks of good, honest death metal and for that, they can’t be faulted. Sure, maybe the sound could be a little better (although for a DIY release, it’s pretty good considering!) and maybe some of the songs aren’t as memorable as others, but it’s still an album worth checking out if you’re into your death metal.


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