Picks Of The Month: November 2017

Holy shit, it’s the start of December already! 2017 has gone a bit fast, hasn’t it? Well, in any case, here’s our favourite releases from November. 🙂

Nat’s Picks

Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising
Track to check out: Drag Me Out Of The Darkness
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/santa-cruz-bad-blood-rising-review/

With album number three, Santa Cruz is bigger and better than ever!

Jaya The Cat – A Good Day For The Damned
Track to check out: Mad At You
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/jaya-cat-good-day-damned-review/

This is something a little different, and I really enjoyed it as a result.

Dave’s Picks

iVardensphere – Hesitation
Track to check out: Nomads
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/ivardensphere-hesitation-review/

iVardensphere remind me a lot of Juno Reactor but with a heavy metal core. Hesitation retains the metal structure but does it in the style of VNV Nation. I can dig that like Lara Croft digs family values.

Hydelic – Rez Infinite [Area X]
Track to check out: Cycle of Silence
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/hydelic-rez-infinite-area-x-ost/

…in my pants.

Drakonis – The Great Miasma
Track to check out: The Great Miasma
Our review: http://www.soundscapemagazine.com/drakonis-great-miasma-review/

This EP hit me so hard that I was sent back into the bands’ catalogue. Peaches En Regalia.

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