NORÐ – Alpha Review

NORÐ AlphaAlpha is the new EP from NORÐ and it’s a great slab of noise that combines heaviness and melody together to create a release you’re going to want to bang your head along to.

With chugging riffs, ass-kicking rhythms, powerful vocals and just the right amount of melody to ensure music doesn’t sound monotonous, NORÐ are onto a winner with Alpha and what’s especially good is that you can really feel the sheer energy and momentum that has gone into the EP. It goes without saying that this band will slay in a live environment because of the way the music is presented and constructed – if you’re wanting to bang your head along to the music whilst you sit listening to it at home then just imagine how you’ll feel watching the band live!

Although there’s not a great deal of variety between the four tracks – the EP’s only real downfall – it still makes for a good listen. Opening track Kill The Marshalls sets things up nicely with a gently atmospheric introduction that adds a good bit of ambience, before the full band joins in with a fuller sound, who then properly bring the noise as the song progresses! Another great inclusion is third track Restless, which features a powerfully emotive vocal performance coupled with some crushing riffs and meaty melodic guitar sections for good measure.

As a whole, this is a decent listen, but the similar song structures do let it down slightly. Still, this is certainly an EP worth checking out, and if NORÐ is playing a show near you, then make sure you get your ass over to it!


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