Nomasta Announces Debut Album

Nomasta, a 3-piece forged in the fires of the Leeds underground, deftly infuse doom-laden thrash with bursts of elephantine riffs and dancing time signatures. Since forming in 2015, they’ve complimented their ferocious live shows with a debut single, The Book Burners, and merchandise through alternative clothing label Pyre Climber.

13 years of invaluable gigging experience in the UK DIY scene, alongside the likes of Cult of Luna, Oceansize, Godseed and Sylosis, has attributed to a band which, only in its infancy, can already perform on a level akin to that of their peers.

Over one year in the making, House of the Tiger King is a true reflection of a dedication, and an unbridled passion for crafting music that any metal head could understand, love and raise a fist to. Set for release on 3rd November, Dawnbreaker is the first track to be shared from the record. The band comment:

Dawnbreaker is the first single to be released from House of the Tiger King, which also acts as the albums dramatic climax. It is anthemic and memorable, showcasing just how dynamic Nomasta can be at blending heaviness, pertinent shifts in groove and odd meter passages. It is a fine example of the unholy marriage between melodic hooks and aggressive vocals. Lyrically the album concept covers a series of real and fictional atrocities the world has dealt with throughout the ages. Dawnbreaker tells the tale of an all-powerful witch whom, although capable of protecting mother earth, survives centuries whilst watching mankind ultimately destroy itself.

Upcoming Shows:
October 13th: Temple of Boom, Leeds
November 4th: Northern Monk Refectory, Leeds

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