No Devotion – Islington Academy, London 25/07/14

Doors open at 6.30 tonight, which is really early for a show, especially a show that only has one support band, but it’s a Friday night and everyone seems in good spirits, chatting away and buying the odd beer or two.

Some of the band wander around, chatting to fans and already the evening has a really friendly happy vibe.

Samoans take to the stage, but the crowd seems mildly disinterested, chatting away still. They manage to win over some of the crowd, applause erupting as they finish their first track. The vocals are low for the band however, and some of the impact that this band are capable are lost on the crowd as the guitar seems to overpower everything else on stage.

They really get the crowd involved by the end of their set, but it’s possibly a little too late to really make any major impact, they possibly should’ve put their last song first and lured them all in that way.

No Devotion however have no trouble engaging the packed room of Islington Academy. The crowd goes wild as the band take to the stage despite the room having only ever heard just two tracks by the band on stage. Nobody cares though, they’re here to show their support and have an awesome evening regardless of this fact.

The crowd seem to somehow get livelier as the band break into Eyeshadow (one of the only two tracks the crowd are familiar with) and fists pump the air enthusiastically.

The band play through a host of other tracks including I Am Your God and the enjoyable 10,000 Summers. All seem to be received well and the crowd joins in singing as they start to play their latest single Stay. It’s a poppier number than their other tracks and has already received radio play.

No Devotion end their set with a track called Grand Central which is a great track and a really nice end to the band’s set and a great end to a really enjoyable and powerful evening.

They may in theory be a new band, but they already have a lot of support and dedicated fans. The music speaks for itself and the band are set to go far.


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