Noctum – Final Sacrifice Review

It has to be said that Noctum’s Final Sacrifice is a bit of a difficult album to get into. It’s an alright release, but there are no real high or low points here – which is what the problem at hand is. It’s just an average album.

It’s a shame, because the potential is there. There are some real high points on Final Sacrifice, like the riffs of Deadly Connection and the fantastic bassy introduction of The Revisit before the full band kicks in, but the songs as a whole don’t collectively manage to hit the heights they’re truly capable of.

A Burning Will is probably the best track of the album. It has a lot more get-up-and-go to it than a lot of the other songs on the album and the vocals are nice and melodic with a lot of power behind them. It’s a good blend of everything and is a nice solid piece, with a lot of great little sections interweaving into one another.

Noctum do have the potential, but sadly they’ve slightly missed the mark with this. The songs aren’t necessarily bad, just not quite enough to make the grade, and it’s a shame. Decidedly average.


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