No Warning’s Playlist

Wanting to get an insight into No Warning’s tastes and influences, we caught up with them to find out what they’ve been listening to!

A song that influenced you/No Warning
Cro Mags – Crush The Demoniac
I feel silly trying to put words down to describe such amazing music that has blessed me on my path. From the production, to the guitar tones, to Harley’s dramatic and theatrical vocals. This speaks to the NYHC fan in me but also to the audio and production nerd that I have become. This time in punk, hardcore and metal when some money started to roll in to some sketchy street fools — it’s a trip to hear what came out of these studios. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall in the studio during these years of heavy music. 

A song you wish you could have written
Oasis – Roll With It
I’m not sure what it feels like to have a sea of crazy British people singing along to song as simple as a lullaby with guitars through three Marshall stacks – I kinda wish I did tho. 

Your favourite No Warning song
Torture Culture
It’s 2017 and not everyone makes it to the final song on your new album, but if you have come across our record I’d recommend checking out the title track. I was in Barbados at the time and I contacted a studio off Facebook to record the vocals for this song. It ended up being a studio in a famous soca musicians backyard and he charged me 50$ cash and left me to do my thing. I’m proud of the vocal take on this, and although I was in heaven in Barbados with all those good vibes and good people, a demon came out when I hit the mic. 

A song you’ve been listening to a lot recently
Judas Priest – Bloodstone
Put this on in the car while yer driving and all of a sudden yer magically riding a Harley down the highway and shooting Donald Trump and every single supporter or fence sitter in the face.

Your all-time favourite song
Burt Bacharach – This Guy’s In Love With You
What can I say, I’m soft. A song like this ain’t ever gonna be written again and I worship song writing talent like this. 

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