Nicumo – Storms Arise Review

Storms Arise is the exciting second album from melodic metallers Nicumo and it’s a mighty little release that packs a real punch.

What’s especially good about Storms Arise is that although for the most part it follows a melodic approach, there’s a few heavier moments and they help to divide the album up nicely, making it a little more accessible and varied. A particularly good example of this is third track Beyond Horizon (which has a bit of an Amorphis vibe to it, and that can never be a bad thing), and it will have you both singing along and banging your head to the song! Indeed, the vocals as a whole are tremendous throughout, and there’s a lot of power behind them, particularly during the cleanly delivered lines.

Another great track is later song Aiolos. A track with a generally softer approach, the emotion in both the vocals and instrumentation will give you goosebumps – it’s a very moving song and will definitely get under your skin, especially the more you listen to it.

As a whole, Nicumo have made a really powerful and memorable album with Storms Arise. The band have definitely mastered the art of creating earworms that you can’t help but sing along to, and it’s an all-round enjoyable piece you’ll want to come back to.


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