Behind The Scenes: Next Stop Atlanta – The Things You Do Best

We first interviewed UK pop-punkers Next Stop Atlanta way back in 2010 when they released the self-titiled debut EP. Now the band are back with a new mini album called The Things You Do Best, so we caught up with vocalist Georgia Peters to tell us all about the tracks.

We wanted an intro on the record that would entice the listener from the very second they hit play. I love the contrast between the screaming sirens and panic of the background noise against the calming of the music box. It sets up the rest of the record nicely. Nik (guitarist) recorded that song in his studio at home. We use the track as a walk song to our live set.

Always With The Drama
This song features the lyric “The Things You Do Best”. In actual fact the whole lyric is “Accuse me of the things you do best.” The song is about losing trust and gaining hypocrisy in a relationship while watching it fall apart. This song was going to be the second single off the record, but we have since opted for another track. Recording this in the studio was a lot of fun. We hadn’t written the vocal harmonies on the chorus and the middle 8th before entering StudioGlasseye, so it was cool to get our creative writing juices flowing whilst the red light was on!

I’m Not Morrissey
This is the lead single off the record and probably my favourite NSA song. It’s great seeing and hearing our fans sing the words back at us when we play it live. The song represents us as a band standing up for ourselves and on our own feet. Also saying that we have worked super hard in NSA to get the band where it is today. It’s essentially to make people aware that we are not a band who can be thrown in the wannabe category… We are the real deal!

Get In The Van
This song is the new single and we shoot the music video for it on December 23rd! Its such a cool jam to play live because it has so much energy. It shows our harder side with the double time tempo in the verses. We wrote the song whilst we were on tour with Kids Can’t Fly. Its about touring life and being out on the road sharing amazing experiences amongst friends.

An acoustic version of this song features on our debut EP. We planned to record it as a full band for the debut release but we ran out of money in the studio so had to settle with an acoustic version. The full band version on TTYDB really brings the song to life. It was the song we looked forward to recording the most as it has so many cool intricate guitar and vocal melodies throughout. The song is about never feeling good enough, despite giving your all.

Light The Beacons
This closes the mini-album well. It starts so powerfully, then calms in the middle section and then goes flat out again for the outtro parts. We wrote the song with reference to the riots that occurred in the UK. The context of the lyrics highlight standing your ground and being happy and proud of who you are and what you have achieved in life.

So there you have it, The Things You Do Best is available on Itunes and other digital outlets and on hard copy from the bands BigCartel store and really is worth checking out.

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