New Found Glory – O2 ABC, Glasgow 17/11/14

The doors opened earlier than the average time for gigs but considering there was a total of five bands on the bill then it was pretty much to be expected, and we entered just after 6.

First up was Ireland’s Only Rivals (6/10) who deserved more of an audience in the room than what they received. This was the first time I had witnessed them and they definitely made me want to come home and check out their music – this tour will surely have gained them many more fans.

Up next were Candy Hearts (8/10). This band are going places and it was great to see some reaction for them from the crowd.. Flawlessly belting out hits like I Miss You and Bad Idea showed that this band has a massive future ahead of them.

We unfortunately missed State Champs due to conducting an interview with Candy Hearts, so up next for us was The Story So Far (7/10), a band that must be like the musical equivalent of Marmite – you either love them or you don’t. They didn’t really capture me, but they did have a lot of cheers and movement from the crowd, as well as a great reception, and they certainly couldn’t be faulted for their energy.

New Found Glory (9/10) arrived in style by kicking off with new track Selfless and the rest of the set was a mix of old and new songs as they powerfully performed through the likes of Hold My Hand, Resurrection, Hit or Miss and Failures Not Flattering.

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New Found Glory have been touring as a band for well over a decade so by now, playing these songs looks effortless and they could do it with their eyes closed. Chad spoke to the audience at one point claiming “Don’t just be here for the old songs because in 20 years time, these new songs will be the old songs!” and they continued with a great mix of songs before their encore and closed with All Downhill From Here, which they finished to perfection.

It’s never been downhill for New Found Glory in recent times and as long as they keep performing sets like this, then they’ll always be on the up.

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Photography by Jemma Dodd at the Birmingham show of the tour on November 15.

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