Nero Doctrine – II: Interitus

With an album name like II you might be wondering where it fits in your expanding Nero Doctrine collection. II or for its dual title II – Interitus, in all its alpha-numerical glory, is the second album from the Germanic tribe known now as Nero Doctrine, and previously as Dystopia.

Naming conventions aside this album sometimes flies a little too close to the brilliant albums that have inspired the band. Yet when it hits on the right mood it hits hard. With powerful riffs and sweeping licks its composition is solid if not a bit unoriginal.

It’s with those intense riffs that The Band Formerly Known As Dystopia or now just¬†Nero Doctrine¬†elevate the heat. Bringing in a toasty atmosphere to compliment these incendiary tracks and breaching the veil of silence with a heavy hand and a heady heart. Driven by blast beats and powered by noise.

II is also rich in stand out harmonies that give the tracks a great sense of depth. This is magnified by the serious use of melodic timing. Where the motifs are reinforced to silly levels of strength. The songs are undeniably good but on the few occasions that the riffs come out as homogeneous to the extreme metal scene they let their song writing down with genre appropriation.


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